ETA on Punika Powerpass

WTF here i am sitting leveling up my guy cuz i thought you have to get to a certain point. WTF.

yeah thank you. Post wasn’t directed towards you. Created in hopes a dev will see and shine a little more light on the situation is all.

Cant you guys do anything right there AGS?!

Holy shit, took a break because of the lack of respect and communication and competence towards the player base, read the new patch today oh new class and power pass lets see maybe things got better after 8 weeks…

“All power passes have temporary been disabled bla bla bla”

Holy crap you guys are SO BAD seriously AGS should step out of the gaming industry you tried you failed you SUCK.

Quickest reinstall > uninstall ever, and before the GEN white knights come in… no not because the pass cant be used right now but because it shows AGS is still the same shit show.

Cant do ANYTHING right its always something lol.

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“Gold granted when using a purchased Powerpass will now be subject to the 3-day withholding period before it is usable”

Probably working on this unless it’s already in.

Chargeback issue with botters/RMT making in store Powerpass to level units to obtain free gold and transfer it out before the reported chargeback can close down the account.

Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA yet for when these will be re-enabled. As soon as I do, I will share it!


Hopefully this will get resolved soon because i finally got home from vacation and am able to play and I’m wanting to use my power pass.

Wait so even the free punika pass that was given to us can’t be used?? :man_facepalming:

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No it can’t. I just tried to use my free one. I’ve been wanting to finally get a scrapper.

its been 3 days can we buy the pass yet? id love to work on my 5th character :slight_smile:

Probably MID august so august 31st!

But hey give them a break its a small indie studio they are trying!

oh wait… /triplefacepalm

Any update on when we can use the punika pass? I want to boost my Arcana…

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Probably another week or more giving to the once again disappointing upcoming patch.

But I suppose messing around with their small playerbase is part of their business intelligence.
Cause unhappy customer’s don’t mean too much to them.


Would love to throw my money away to boost an alt :sob:

Wow! Taking a while to fix this. This must be a really hard problem :thinking:

I guess my question now is, will the express event be extended for those who are waiting for the FREE power pass to be reenabled?

Hopefully it’s before they expire…the free one I have at least.

Any idea if we are looking at days or weeks at least?

wouldnt it be funny that by the time they fix it, its expired

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Well, it’s already been more than a week.
And the only new we had “later this week” was that…there was no news, no ETA, no update, no answer about the potential expiration of older vern passes, etc. etc.

Don’t get your hopes up, at least if by some miracles they manage to solve it (in a way that’s not breaking something else and/or punishing some people for no reasons (like removing parts of the powerpass)), at least you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

And yeah if I sound a bit disgruntled, it’s because I definitely am, as all my friends who came back to give the game a second try (or a first) with the express event just ended up facing the blank empty powerpass screen, only to find out after having to research it in forums etc that it was removed (because I guess putting a single “TEMPORARILY DISABLED” message in game was too much work).

Needless to say, all of them laughed, thinking it was a joke - let’s be serious there was no way than an amazon backed company would screw things up this badly, right ?
…and just left when they figured out that it wasn’t.