ETA on the October/November roadmap

Title, since we’re close to the end of september i was wondering if we’d have the roadmap for the next two months realesed soon. @Roxx

  • Destined for Destruction (Destroyer + Valtan patch) release : May 19th
  • June + July roadmap release : June 1st.

That’s one.

  • Spells in Spades release (Arcana) : July 20th.
  • Roadmap for August/Sept : July 29th.

So I guess we’ll get it next week probably.

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We’re working on a roadmap to share that should give insight through the end of the year!!


pls brind tripod/balance updates early ty

And when do you expect that roadmap to be released? We dont need an exact date but everyone assumes you’re working on the new roadmap ever since the old one was completed.

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According to other instances of Roadmap, it usually cames shortly after the last patch of the current roadmap. Shortly being 1 to 2 weeks.

That’s good news ! Now i just want to see “Reaper planned for November” and i’d be hyped ╰(°▽°)╯


Hopefully working means that today’s circus won’t repeat.

is there even any point to that since many critical updates are only shared hours before each patch anyway? The roadmaps dont hold much water at this point

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I actually want to know when Reaper will come out because i’m starting to get bored playing classes that i never felt like playing in the first place and the only piece of information that can provide me an eta on Reaper is the roadmap. So those roadmaps still hods a little bit of value, and some people want to know when we’ll have the tripod changes so they can start saving those tripods.



Thanks for the answer, but the question was when could we expect to see a roadmap, not whether or not you were working on one, which we all assumed already.
So, please, could we know if the roadmap is coming early october ? Or rather in the end of october ?

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I got it on the same way :confused:

It maybe because I’m tired and sick, but in context of asking about October Roadmap, I saw the “by the end of the year”, and thought damn Roxx has gone full cheeky.


i beg you pve patch + tripods early october and put the 2 last classes put one at novembe and one at december

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Nah, they will release the class which was available in the beta as 1st year anniversary. Sad summoner players :frowning: . I would even gamble for it.

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