EU-C and EU-W merge?

Hi there.

I have a question regarding EU-W (where I have my main) and EU-C and the difference in ms I get.

Normally playing on EU-W I get 34 ms, playing on EU-C I get 16 ms, why is that?
I live in Denmark btw.

Now after we only have 2 servers left on EU-W, why not merge us with EU-C?

The auction house is lagging way behind, and it’s hard to find the accessory you need to get so you can get all needed engravings and so on, it’s not the most active servers, and it mostly feels like we are floting around alone on a small isle.
I read a lot of comments in chat where players are writing EU-W is dead and so on.
I hope you guys can find a good solution, and I’m proposing a server merge EU-C with EU-W :wink:

Hope I will get a good answer for why we are not merged already, and why we have double the ms/ ping as the originale first implemented EU-C servers.

Thx for reading.


At this point in time, the tech to merge regions together does not exist. It is something that we are potentially looking into for the future, but we are unable to accomplish this kind of merge currently.

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Hi Roxx, thanks for answering.

Are you looking into character transferer? That could also be an option, as some of us might feel trapped at this small and less active region?

Because the servers are in different locations physically,
double the distance, double the ping

As for the region merges, hope it will come soon but developing the tech will take time


We can only hope :crossed_fingers: I live like 50km away from the EUC server but also play on EUW. Have the same ping btw. :wink:

Nice picture :laughing:

Well, too bad it was not possible to start up at EU-C due to the overloaded servers, I just thought they made the EU-W servers at the same location, would be logic to me, not having them placed apart, as Europe is not that big.

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It was due to the problem at launch, peak over a million players with massive queues. At first they added new servers to EUC, but even that reached its limit and EUW was created to split some of these players to a different region

Over time many players quit and/or moved back to EUC after the queue/matchmaking problems were fixed, now EUW is slowly bleeding out, waiting for a region merge

@Roxx answering to this questions regarding the merge of EUW with EUC is a lot worse than ignoring these topics and not answering at all. By answering you just remind us from time to time that our server has no future, at some point it will die, and this really makes me sad and to question myself why do I even continue to play on EUW.
So please, in future just ignore these topics if you don`t have some good news for us (hopium).


Sorry but today in it evrythhing is posible its only aboutt the money

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For what it’s worth, the message I posted above it mentions that we are now looking into getting the tech developed to try and make this possible.


No worries, in a year or so they might merge the regions. I hope you find your accessory till then. Cheers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

at least this post by Roxx sounds like they are finally working on it. Its a positive

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the tech sure exist, smilegate just doesnt want extra steps to make it (ie: character name options).

You can do it Roxx. Server merges were flawless. Next step is one Europe region :slight_smile: I believe in you, you can make it possible.


Wow First Time i hear that sounds good and just a typ buy der rihgt serves and the good it personal than evrything will work eazy xD and stop to talk like ppl dont know in our time whats going and whats not its like to says no i diddnt steel it but evry one was seeeing it same effect on ppl

the glimpse of hope…

very sad. it’s the company’s fault and you should do really something about it. the game is almost unplayable because of how all this game is based on rng, and it’s necessary to rely on other people to get items from otherwise it’s really hard if not impossible to get the right trinkets, stones, etc. the market is empty compared to euc. With all the consequences of not having the right stats. PvP queues are also very slow, which makes it really hard to practice costantly and you say you are potentially looking into it for the future… ask for help at SG- It’s litterally 2 servers.