EU center just crashed

seriously guys this again?


Yepp got kicked and no servers in list :confused:

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Small indie company, please be understanding guys…


Central EU down, 5-10 min ago, confirmed

Can we get information from AGS what is going on? plz?

Well, what we know for sure, is that EUC just went dark

and the status page shows everything is up and ready, please tell me the status page isn’t updated manually …

Yes can confirm it’s been down and still is to this moment.

All hype ruined by constant DC… good stuff.

Same here

GUYS you just bought too many premium passess and now Amazon went celebrating…and last guy shuts down the light …:stuck_out_tongue:

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Same :frowning:

I’ve just barely used Feiton power pass and it lagged on the black screen loading area out of Trixion. I hope I am not getting bugged with no items and Power Pass lost.

Why just central? Let’s suffer together!
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Maybe it is time for someone within the community management team to say something?

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same :frowning:

In about 2-3 working days, we will find out that someone tripped on a wire at the servers location :wink:

EU server hamsters got covid probably.

Servers down confirmed. Also, the server status page does nor show any server at all for me. Not online or offline, just an empty box.

Server down confirmed on Official discord:

Lai :cowboy_hat_face: — Aujourd’hui à 18:50

EUC is down. Cause unknown for now.