EU center just crashed

Again the Community Managers are missing. @Roxx @Sandovall

Dont count on quick fix. They do not care for EU servers. They are US company and they are all sleeping right now.

Ok, so at least it isn’t my fault that the server list isn’t loading.

Yeah, that’s just good business practice. Roll out a patch, that had game-breaking bugs until 12 hours before the deadline and immediately go to bed xD. Works everytime.

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Don’t worry, as compensation, Smilegate will grant you some items that they already gave US players a month ago because someone couldn’t finish a quest.

Hello breakage my old friend

It’s business hours in the US, what do you mean sleeping kek?

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As compensation I demand bikini swimsuit skins!

That page is probably cached

Cant sign into game, lost my progress thanks server… chaos dungeon

you might get some pity if it was on Argos or something but a chaos dungeon :rofl:

Is anybody in AGS even noticed that servers crashed?

You lose the entry, basically losing materials you’d get for that day.

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Amazon is exceptionally bad at status pages - remember that time when their S3 status page assets were itself hosted on S3?

Why always EUC servers got problems! First Queue. Now Servers are missing.

So… could it be that somebody on AGS got trolled on PvP and this is actually an equivalent of tableflip?

Still down?


Lololol, don’t hammer too hard xD


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AGS so incompetent damn