[EU-Central ¦ Thirain] [EU-West ¦ Moonkeep] Sacred Prophets

  • Guild Name: Sacred Prophets
  • Region(s)/Server(s): EU-C - Thirain / EU-W - Moonkeep
  • Guild Level: Thirain - Lvl 6 / Moonkeep - Lvl 5 (nearly 6)
  • Guild Leaders: Thirain - Zumii / Moonkeep - Ridley

The guild spread out over 2 servers during all the queue chaos of the prior months. Now the dust has settled we’re actively looking for folks to join us.

Overall, we like to keep things casual, allow folks to progress at their own pace and group up for raids etc where possible. We are all (relatively) mature, mostly the wrong side of 30, with full time jobs, families, kids etc so we are looking for like-minded people to come and join us.

:purple_circle: If sounds like what you’re looking for please join us here: Sacred Prophets

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