[EU Central- Armen] Balthuman- LVL 22- Guild - LF All Classes 1490+

Guild Name: Balthuman
Region: Europe
Server: Armen
Main Language: English
Focus: PvX & GvX
Guild Level: 21 | Guild Shop: Maxed
Guild Size: 51/85 (Guild only for main character)

Balthuman is actively recruiting for players to join the guild. We are looking for dedicated Players who have the same mindset as us to clear all content and future content together and have fun along the way. Above all else what matters to us is quality, not quantity.

We have an active and plentiful resource discord up and offer weekly raids on mains and alts with many experienced players throughout our guild.

We currently have 3 alt guilds that are all level 15+ with guild shop 5 so there is plenty of room for your alts.

Primary source of communication is discord. We don’t enforce activity in the discord but just to be registered with it so you can keep up to date with guild operations as well as what is going on.

Rules are very simple. Be active. Inactivity for longer than a 2 weeks without notice will mean discharge. Be respectful.

We are a 21+ guild, we value maturity and do not like to be pushy!
be social as much as possible
1490+ Item Level
Committed and long-term interest
Communicative and reliable (We understand real life comes first, but communication makes it easier on both parts)

What we offer:
Serious and committed senior teams along with 2 full guild rosters
Hardcore and intense raiding environment with a family like atmosphere
Weekly Guild vs Guild, Kakul-Saydon, Vykas, Valtan,Brelshaza
If you are interested, please DM me on Discord [Robbie#5039} or message in-game [Anguskhan].

You can also join our guild discord server: Balthuman - Lost Ark