EU Central connexion


I would like to know why is it only EU Central that have connexion/matchmaking issues ??
When it’s night time in US, server are not full, not even busy…

I can’t imagine there is that much people on EUC servers…

I was even thinking… Does the internet provider for EU Central not the reason of all that trouble ?

I’m tired of it… But too much progress on my server to decide to move… Only if transfer region->region available in future

It’s because EU has too many people. All servers within one region utilize the same matchmaking server, and Amazon has added too many servers under the EUC region. Currently there is no proposed fix, other than waiting for the active playerbase to shrink.

There is that much people on EUC servers…

Too many players in EUC and the compensation for switching to EU West is not 1:1 so a lot of founders wont move because they lose out of $40 worth of crystals etc.

Amazon also has not disabled new character creation on EUC which is beyond belief at this point.

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19 servers in EU central… They are all full… from 11am to 23pm… that’s just… Insane and weird at the same time…
I don’t think all that population are just f2p, Amazon had the amount of founder’s pack bought on EU, why did they not create an other region that same time…

Apparently they said the amount of royal cristal stay the same even in an other region

People spent the crystals on the level 50 crystal package and maybe a skin on EUC and you wont get those items on EUW.

Yes true, I spent 1100 cristal on that too, I have 4 chars and main 1030+ I can’t imagine mysalf restart all that :confused:

On EU central they expanded server capacity beyond what was intended.
They then increased number of servers to the absolute maximum the game could function with.

And it was too much in the end.

Then they go “jk lol we could have just made another region instead”