EU Central -> EU West founder - Starter pack request

So this is a formal request to the CM as I have been to the Amazon support about getting the Starter packs that I have already opened on the Kaden server (But for many, another server) and to get those packs transferred to an EU west server along with the founder’s pack.

I was told the best thing for you to do is to post on the forum and get the community to draw attention to this.

Now like many of the people here they’re in the same boat you purchased the starter packs and now you see that the new region is open and you want to get out of the damn 3+ hour queues. But the only thing holding you back is the fact you spent money on starter pack(s) and now everyone is jumping ship to another region.

Founders packs will be available from the 19th tbh its a long wait but understandable that you AGS want to make sure everything runs smoothly before saying “here ya go now be good and have fun” but If you can do this with founders packs surely you can do it with starter packs. as it is an item like any other.

If you purchased a Founders and/or a Starter pack in EU central and want to be able to get it in EU west lets be heard Hit that <3 and say that you +1 this request.

Let’s a go!



The game is unplayable.
Amazon should have the honesty to at least give a complete founders packs to pple who are being forced to move to another server.

The nerfed pack is just a scam.


shame to see they legit ruin their rep only after 1 week. GG!

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I am in the same boat, I would never have touched the pack if id known they were going to make a server for my specific region of Europe 2 days later, its a total joke - I have requested steam refund the amount but I think we can safely say that there is 0% they will do that. I can get over losing my twitch drops but £60 of in-game items I cant ever use if I switch servers, they are having a laugh. EDIT: There was a response about this in another thread, they have no plans to support Starter pack purchasers it looks like, only Founders - However players on Galatur will be getting the Vanquisher pack pet and horse for the issues their specific server faced, wether they bought the pack or not.

I’ve just been on live chat and they won’t do anything. Basically our choice is to sit in 8 hour queues or not get the items we paid for… it’s not right


really want all my stuff on my EU west char

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+1, would absolutely love to switch to EUW to finally be able to actually play. Having already bought stuff on Calvasus makes this extremely difficult for me. I feel like I‘m getting punished for supporting the game…

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+1, my guild and I switched, am surprised that they don’t have something to deal with starter packs and twitch drops

+1, sadly they will probably just ignore this like every other thread about this topic

my reasoning is that they give priority to founder pack owners (preorders) and incentivize those in order to draw ppl from central to west, i believe that in time compansations for switching regions will come to the starter pack owners also , just keep pushing.

I think the same way. Amazon should be more user friendly and refund or copy the same purchaes to the new server. Because right now middle EU is unplayable.

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wasted 64 Euro or can´t level with my friends.

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+1 !

But the amazon support chat told me ~ 60 Minutes ago, that they can and will not provide me with anything I’ve purchased on the other “new” server, because they’re not responsible for any problems or outages (2.2 AGS-ToS). And I could try to get my money back via Steam, but they will probably ban me for this.

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