EU Central - Have we been forgotten?

We need some replies soon, Twitter is silent except for promotions, I don’t see anything on the forums except for community mangers that haven’t got more than “we are looking into that”

We see NA being taken down at the first sight of problems so they can have their game running smoothly, meanwhile us on EU Central are sitting in queues, heck we hardly get a grace period if our game crashes, then its just back in queue, especially for people with slower computers that takes longer to start the game (on that note, why is the game taking 50 years to start even on high end machines?)

Our matchmaking are still broken during the later hours of the day, to what I assume is still commence servers being overloaded, making , what I would call the end game content unplayable.
(Yes I’m sure many of you will tell me that there’s many other things to do, don’t think I’m not doing those)

I completely get that you can’t magically conjure up a patch that fixes everything in an instant, but can you at least stop with the radio silence?
Keep us in the loop?


+1. The absolute lack of communication and transparence on these lasting critical issues is really worrying. There are hundreds of posts about it on the forums, yet there’s very little response when it’s not flat out ignored by CMs. Twitter only posts ads and twitch links, or immediate actions when a NA server suffers from a minor hiccup. And EUC keeps drowning, with broken Matchmaking and massive queues.


Nope they just don’t give a F about EUC they got our money and laughing to the bank.

The Qs on my Server are gone by now and MM is working fine most of the times lol, thought all of EU is fine to play by now.

the queues are not gone

i was in a 4k at 11 pm on kadan last night

  • mm is broken from around 5 pm till midnight on EUC

As i said, the Qs on my Server on EUC are gone, the max q i had was 200, and mm is working for me just fine except for like 1 hour at around 8pm stil lfinding groups but you feel like its a lil bit laggy.

I agree. And I thought it was supposed to be fixed, last night it definitely wasn’t. I don’t mind a little queue (although it’s ultimately their fault for letting so many on the same server…), but those long queues are making it really difficult to play after work/school, and when you’re finally online you’re stuck in endless bad matchmaking that doesn’t work half the time.
But it’s free, so I don’t care a whole lot, but they will just lose a bunch of players. Prediction avg. 500-600k players in a week or two