[EU Central - Inanna] Dark Bazooka

Guild Name: Dark Bazooka

Region: EU Central

Server: Inanna

Guild Lv: 2

Min iLv: 302

Our Discord: WIP

About Us

DB is a friendly community we are a PvE and we’ll start PvP guild and are welcome to all players. We are looking forward to doing daily & weekly activities and experiencing all of Lost Arks PvE and PvP content!

Players we are looking for

Age - 18+
Active folks, 302+ level requirement.
A willingness to participate in donating silver, doing PvE and/or PvP guild tasks.
English & Italian Preferred – open to other languages with English as a second language.

What does Dark Bazooka offer you?

Leadership that is friendly, helpful, and open-minded
We enjoy having fun in-game and on future discord
Game knowledge and help

Do you have Questions?

In-game: Feel free to reach out to BloodBond or Ozmina or Woodén.