EU Central is lagging

EU Central is lagging. Loding screens long af you cant get instant on your char.
Its the same on all members in my guild and other discords.


Same here.

Server Asta.


Yeah I am on Asta think server have a heart attack


Nice. That means another compensation for NA. Same problem though, Asta is choking.


Jap also from Asta here


Same here. 5 mins pre loading screens on asta.
Just black screen with the blue circle for 5 mins and after that 30 seconds loading screen.


same here. takes way too long and i get a black screen as well with an amazing 1 FPS… never happened to me in any other game.

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than go to the “other games”

are you ok right there?

Here, you dropped this: :clown_face:


Same here. Server Asta

yep you can go wiith him :slight_smile: lost ark is one of the most stable mmorpg so far ive seen. but i mean i think no other games are like this unstable …

Pls fix Server :slight_smile:

guess he’s a special kind of a person… not understanding someone’s comment and replies to it with something ridiculous.

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i play horizon instead ^^ Asta need a Rest Bonus from us :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. Asta seems to have big issues atm.
Loading times take up to 2-3 min each. Also just switching channels takes 1-2 minutes.

good for you. Now go and play and dont spam irrelevant things in a channel dedicated to serverproblems.

dude just post your server and your problem… no one wants your attitude …

No GaMe iVe eVer PlaYed had this problem… stop being a karren

i demand compensation! Free 1500 char

you’re very special as i said.