[EU Central - Kadan] Mini Skirt, an alt guild to minimize your daily workload

100 minimum contribution for payment, 150 for 100% payment. 50/50 between guild and members. Auto approve when applied. ( will increase payment to guildmates as time goes, 50/50 for now is just for guild to have enough fund to keep doing research)

An guild for your alts, makes your life easier, as having too many alts is already a pain in the ***. You don’t need to donate silver, nore do you need to do guild quest if u don’t want to, no requirement to join or stay in the guild.

I want a guild where people don’t need to feel like they are doing their 2nd job, i hope you all can enjoy the game and relax. Many guild has a high minimum contribution requirement, in Mini Skirt we will never have that.

If you need to be away for more than 1 whole week, send guild leader a mail, other than that, there is no rule, enjoy the game, fellow skirt lovers.