EU Central [Kadan] Shattered Light

Guild Name: Shattered Light
Server: Kadan - EU
Language: English

We are a semi-hardcore PvX guild.
We’re looking to build a solid core to do abyss raids, dungeons, legion raids, pvp and everything else the game has to offer but most importantly have fun!
If you’re looking for a chill environment with cool people to share your Lost Ark Experience with, this is the place!

We are looking for people who:
Are 18+
Are not afraid to join voice
Willing to help other members
Being active with guild progression
Item Level 1400+

To join our guild you simply need to contact me, or just join our discord server!


Just updated some text and lowered joining requirments

Confirming we still have open spaces in both our first and second statics including Weekley trianing raids

Just confirming we are still recruiting

Still recruiting :slightly_smiling_face:

Still recruiting and looking for active members both new and old