[EU Central- Nineveh <Pink Purgatory> LvL5 PvEvP

Guild Name: Pink Purgatory
Region: EU Central
Server: Nineveh
Language: English

-About us-
We are a lvl 5 guild wanting to expand! If you are looking for fellow players to socialize with and do PvE/PvP content with, this is the place for you! open to semi-hardcore and hardcore players alike

We are looking for people who:

  • Are social
  • At least 1370
  • Want to join with their mains
  • Donate the daily silver, the rest is up to you
  • Support research/do weekly tasks
  • Willing to help fellow guildmates or to learn from them
  • Participate in guild events(raids and GvG in the future)
  • All around nice people

What we offer:

  • Discord server
  • Friendly and fun community
  • Useful tips/links and guides
  • Lvl 2 guild shop

What will not be tolerated

  • Antisocial behavior ( only wanting to join to get guild benefits/alt dump)
  • Berating other guildmates about various in-game/real life aspects
  • Being inactive without prior notice
    If any of the actions from above are displayed you will first receive a warning and if it happens again you will be removed from the guild, we want to create a fun place where people can enjoy the game or each other’s company.

If you are interested you can contact me at Pink#1150 on discord!