[EU Central - Nineveh] Spacecocks is Recruiting!

Guild Name - Spacecocks
Server - Nineveh
Language - English
Guild Info - Guild lvl 10 / Guild Shop lvl 5 (in 3 days)

Spacecocks is a friendly English speaking guild with an interactive community that chats and helps each other out. We are a fairly casual guild that does enjoy doing raids every week.
We are looking for players that are:

  • Active - We want players that will be online frequently doing guild tasks and ideally wanting to do raids with the guild such as Argos/Valtan. (If you are unable to be active, let the staff know prior)

  • iLvL - We’re preferably looking for players that are 1400+ iLvL so that they can take part in activities with the majority of the guild. The minimum we would likely take is 1385.

  • Class - If possible we are mainly looking for Supports and Tanks so that we can make larger and more efficient raid parties. However all classes are welcome!

  • Interaction - All we ask is that you chat with others every now and again, so you are part of the community :slight_smile:

  • Toxicity - We are looking for players that are relaxed and friendly. Any toxicity, sexual or race harassment will not be tolerated.

If you feel as if you would be interested in joining or would like to know more about the guild, please send me a message through discord or comment down below.

My discord: rig_martin#1332