[EU-Central] [Nineveh] Tigolbiddies level 2, By Noobs, For noobs

Do you find yourself wandering alone, lost at [the] sea [of Verne]? Do you find yourself getting flamed by the gigachads of Arkesia because you failed to get to the debuff orb in Necromancers Origin? Yeah, us too.
So thats why we in The Tigolbiddie Committee are looking to recruit players of all skill levels, but with a focus on the noobest of the noobs, to offer a chilled out, relaxing and fun experience whilst at the same time learning all the things there are to learn, together. Also, we have a funny name :smiley:
We are at this moment a very VERY small guild with only 2 members (You could call us a big pair of noobs…) but we hope to grow and be a haven for those who may be finding everything a little overwhelming.
We have some knowledge of certains mechanics in which we can help with right off the bat. And with a discord server we can condense everything we learn into one place which we have already started doing.
We are also hoping to run weekly raid nights should there be enough interest. But if you miss out and are unable to make it, you can organise your own parties for times that suit you, and use the servers various voice channels to your advantage.
We will also be hoping to run other interesting and fun events with a possiblilty of offering ig prizes (yet tbc).

The only requirements we ask is that you obey our rules (nothing you wouldnt expect to find anywhere else) and show respect to all members of Tigolbiddies.

If you feel like you could find a place to call home in the sweet embrace of our Tigolbiddies, please fill out an application and we’ll try to get back to you asap.

The Tigoldbiddie Committee

We hope to see you soon.

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Hi there! I noticed you are currently up to 5 members in-game. Do you also have a Discord or something alike?

Hi there! Currently we have 3 members, but 2 with an alt each. We do indeed have a discord server, that at the moment is a little empty of members :sweat_smile: But the hope is that as we grow in members, the discord server will also grow. Heres a link if you wish to join.

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