EU central Nineveh

uild Name: Azguardianz
Region: Central
Server: Nineveh
Language: English

Guild info
Hello there, little guild staring from the very get-go here. We are currently 6 members whom are currently looking for more active players who want to socialize and grow together.
Yes of course we do have memes and humor along the way so let’s all enjoy all that lost ark has to offer together.
As for the experience most of us are used and have played MMO’s and similar games, but the guild welcomes anyone to enjoy the game!
Discord is a must, so please make sure your okay with voice channel or text channels such as we are able to communicate and grow together


  • Must respect all guild members.
  • No lvl requirement or other experience needed, help each-other so we all can learn !
  • Please do communicate with others through text/voice!
  • Be active! yes we get it, real life comes first but please leave a notice if you are offline for more than 3-5 days.
  • Age requirement +25 and of course no drama. I mean we’re all adults here!

Send me a message on discord Jinexo#1585 or to The Guildleader MrsShadow#4378 for more information.

OR join our discord. :slight_smile:
Interested - join today
Discord link: