[EU Central - Procyon] KandleKeepKeepers - Lvl. 8 - Recruiting T3 players!

ʚ Guild Name: KandleKeepKeepers
ʚ Guild Level: 8
ʚ Language: English
ʚ Guild Activities: Raids, Dungeons, Bosses, World Completion, Guild PvP (when it comes), Guild Alliances (Fun competitions)
ʚ Guild Size: 38/44

About Us:
We are a guild of T2 to T3 players who mainly focus on the named above activities. However: We want our guild to be a place to form new friendships and to have fun with other people in a game we all enjoy, so we are quite casual in our approach of the game mechanics etc. We have a discord and many members who also play other games outside of Lost Ark like LoL, PoE, Apex, Valorant etc. As long as you like being social and have an open mindset, you are more than welcome to join us!

:tea: Requirements:
ʚ No toxicity
ʚ Join the Discord Server
ʚ Donate Silver every day
ʚ Supporting Research (free)
ʚ Participate in at least one Guild Quest each week
ʚ Active in discord (joining voice chats for Guild activities such as raids etc.)
ʚ 1302+ Item Level required

If you think we would be a good match, do not shy away to message me (Daeymieh#7301) or the other GM (IraeBino#9548) or join our discord server! :slightly_smiling_face: