[EU Central] Procyon - Lv3 Ark Scavengers

Ark Scavengers are recruiting!

We’re a small guild with only a handful active players, we recently flushed out alot of inactive players(almost 1 month inactivity).

A casual guild that help each other out and trying to explore this new game together.

You are welcome to hit us up in guild finder, currently no approval is needed to join the guild.
Anyone regardless if you are a brand new player or someone who has played since headstart is welcome to join us!

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Still recruiting folks :slight_smile:

Your guild, what does languages speak in the guild?, How many do players have in the guild??

Hello, thanks for asking.
Well in the last 7 days we’ve had 7 unique players playing. Although 3 of them might be on Easter holidays because I haven’t seen them around since Easter began.

Oh and we speak english in the guild :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ty for your answer, maybe we could play together in the game for meeting and see if there is goods feeling

Yeah why not :slightly_smiling_face: My main’s name is Jaruye, hit me up or send me a friend request. Not sure how long i will be online tonight though

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