EU Central Resolution ETA


I was wandering do we have an actual ETA on resolving the ongoing (almost gamebreaking) issues happening on EU Central servers (Spectrum in my case)?
It has been almost 3 days since I’ve last seen my crystaline aura buff active, I cant play with my friends as, well, matchmaking is busted to pieces and to top it all of, I cant even open a store to buy some matts for the upgrade as I cant get them via matchmaking and actually doing the content. With that said, I’d like to know an ETA on a resolution of above mentioned issues so me and my friends can play some other game until it is resolved. I am really shocked that all of these issues are yet not fixed and something like this is just let in to production servers. And please please PLEASE, don’t open any more servers or regions, but rather fix the existing ones. No one in their right mind wants to start over with mediocre at best compensation rewards.
Please note that this is not a rant or a tantrum thread, I am fully aware of the work that has to be done to stabilize the server, I am a DevOps myself, but never in my career have I had an issue as impactful as this to the actual business and product that was left unresolved for so long. Sorry for the wall of text and I am really hoping to get an approximate ETA from anyone in the staff so my friends and I don’t waste any more time trying to queue for a raid/abyssal dungeon or any other content while it is nearly unplayable.



Theres no “fix” they can do on existing region, because it is not a bug but overload.

What they can do and I think they should is limit population on existing regions so the game becomes playable even if that means bigger queues.
Also they should find a way to send population to West Region.


Sure there is. The server is not a single machine running, its a cluster and that cluster has a certain computing power assigned to it. So rather than adding more clusters, scale the computing power of the existing server cluster so the overload is mitigated.
Server management and scaling down/up is within AGS domain, but implementing a server/region transfer is not as it has to be coded by Smilegate first, which I don’t see happening any time soon.


What this guy said, this has gone far enough.

Not having a Crystalline Aura might not seem like a big deal, but the inconvenience is real. I don’t want to keep running all over the place in order to fix my gear/deposit items and such. The thing is - I paid for it, I want the benefits, period. Imagine if it was the other way around and I missed a payment, do you think they’d let me keep it? Mhm.

Matchmaking is laughable. Entering dungeons and instances on your own is super hard, entering with friends is impossible. Nearly every aspect of the game is bugged in this way or the other which makes playing the content super hard and totally impossible in some cases.

Adding more servers is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, and I can’t believe that a billion-dollar (almost) company would allow itself to have staff who’d suggest and let alone approve and implement that idea. What the actual heck?
Not only does it not solve the core of the issue, but it is also destroying the gameplay itself. Market prices and communities and god knows what else will all spiral out of control.
Scale and balance the existing servers which are already too many. Yes, I’m aware that it’s not the easiest job in the world, but let’s be real here, they have the resources, and if they’ve sold the product they need to deliver its services. I can’t believe this even needs explaining.

No, I don’t want to move to another server, I’ve invested time and resources leveling up and gearing my characters and all my friends are here.
Yes, I expect to reap the benefits for which I have paid.

Having an ETA until the REAL fix would be most welcome. REAL fix. Do not add more servers. Just don’t. Stop.
If you’re unable to service and maintain the product you’ve SOLD TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, just refund people their money and take it off the market.

Yes, this was a rant.



I can confirm that the game is unplayable, previously it used to be during peak time only, now it’s throughout the entirety of the day, which is very sad. What’s even worse is that the lack of communication and acknowledgement of the issues. (they’ve just acknowledged the crystalline aura issue that’s been going on for days on twitter).

The “we’re working towards mitigating this issue” that was posted on the forums probably translates to “we’re waiting for enough people to quit the game so that the issues go away with them”.

You know you’re not doing something right when even your MTX store is not available or under maintenance 1/2 of the time.

No wonder this game went from overwhelmingly positive to mixed on Steam reviews in a matter of days.

Get your act together sooner rather than later.