🇪🇺 [EU-Central] [Sceptrum] Whynotint Recruiting


Our Guild mainly focus to discover and learn about the game together and make friends. There is no toxiciemphasized textty allowed!

:white_check_mark: English | French | Multilingual
:white_check_mark: PvX Focused
:white_check_mark: Europe Central: Sceptrum

How to Join?

  • If you plan to play Lost Ark regularly and donate, just join our discord and wait for an officer to message you! :white_check_mark:
    Join : Our Discord

All Game Modes!

  • We try to be involved in all game modes. (PvE and PvP)

24/7 Guild!

  • We offer a friendly and fun atmosphere while playing long term.
  • We all try to play together when we can.

New Player Friendly!

  • We consist of voice active players, we try to help each other and discover the game together.

Guild Teams!

  • Create or join teams for PvP or PvE with private voice & text channels.
  • During guild activities DISCORD is mandatory! (create friendly relationships and have more fun)


Come join us !



Still recruting :smiley:

Still up !