EU central server

Nice. Its already 1 week and no fix.

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I guess that devs have one solution. Wait few weeks until number of players fall down. Just hide in bunker, dont do anything and wait. Many of us will give up due to queues, don’t working matchmaking system for endgame content or just being bored making 15 times same daily quest like pick up item, walk, deliver item, come back to complete quest.

This queue and matchmaking problem makes it 10x harder to grind. It’s impossible, i had quest deep sea smthing its abyss dungeon thing, was trying to join for like 1 hour and i just left. I know that many players will give up and go to other games. Also what makes RPG games enjoyable is COSMETICS, and there are no cosmetics, only 1 or 2 and for donate money or blue crystal. Every player is same suited, it makes game boring x50. Idk i will wait a Little bit my friends already gave up and left the game but i really liked it.