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Hiii ! Are you a ‘sirius’ player that`s active and enjoys the game ? You need a friendly guild to guide and be there for you when needed ? Do you like sweets and have diabetes immunity ? What are you waiting for then ? Apply now and join our cookies box <(^.^)> nom nom nom

Item level required raised to 460 to avoid alts (not really working but was worth a try >.> ). If you apply, please apply with your main. Kicking 2 days inactive members, so if the guild is full, try next day.


Interested in joining your Guild. I am 100% active with 300+hours of playtime.

Sorceress focusing Crit (638) and Swiftness (565)
970 item level
Level 3 Reflux
Level 3 Adrenaline
Level 2 Crisis Evasion

Are you still recruiting?

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Nops. You can`t join :roll_eyes:

But wait ! Plot twist ! Aleatis did join the cookies, we had a feast, even Neria was there, in a different stronghold but … there :blush:

2 spots open as the guild leveled to 3, if more are interested to eat cookies with Neria :hugs:

Bump 2 spots free

Oh stop posting those ilvls and such. We dont care about such thingies. Activity, implication and beeing helpfull is all that matters :slight_smile: Just message me in game.

Update Full atm. Will level in 1-2 days so more spots then.

Update - reached level 6 - 2 spots open if someone desires to nom nom sweets ^ ^


Reached level 8. 2 spots open

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Bumpsy, 2 spots again. Message in game or just apply if ilvl 1340 ^ ^

Bump. Level 10. 2 spots