[EU Central] [Static] Looking for motivated players for static group. LF 2 Support

We looking to build a static group to clear current and upcoming Raid-Content (Argos, Valtan HM, Vykas HM, Bussing, etc.).
We are looking for motivated Support players, that are willing to improve and want to raid in a friendly and fun environment.


  • Atleast 3x3 Engravings, 4x3 preferred (Prices are still insane atm).
  • Willing to get to 5x3 when prices normalize.
  • Willing to improve together.
  • 1460+ iLv (when Vykas releases, until then 1445+ is good for Valtan HM).
  • Willing to look up guides for new Raids to be prepared.
  • Be friendly, don’t tilt when something doesn’t work in an instant.
  • Be able to handle (constructive) criticism, no flaming!
  • Join Discord and be able to understand and communicate in basic English (No need to be fluent).

What you can expect:

  • No hierarchy, loot will be distributed equally.
  • Friendly and supportive environment. Help, support and teach each other.
  • Improve and succeed together while having fun.
  • Discord Server will be provided. Including Guides and strategies.

Currently we don’t have set raid-time. Most likely we will raid in the evening on Thursday to Saturday. A specific time will be discussed later.

What we are looking for:
Every Class is welcome, except Sorc. We already have 2, sorry!
Currently LF 2 Supports.

If you are interested just add me on Discord: Ratoh#8234
or post here.

Current Roster:
Party 1:

  • Sorc 1465 (Me)
  • Scrapper 1467
  • Gunslinger 1470

Party 2:

  • Sorc 1460
  • Deathblade 1460
  • Glavier 1490