[EU Central] [THEAMINE] Sparkly recruiting new members!

Sparkly is mainly a PvE guild that also enjoys PvP.

Focus is set on endgame raids, and wanting to clear the most difficult content. (hell modes in the future)

Currently we are still a small group with only a couple being really active, wanting to get more active players. However keeping it somewhat small. (15/20 players max)

The goal is to have dedicated players that enjoy to challenge themselves with the most difficult content out there, and tackle these together as a group.

Besides looking for like minded tryhards, we do emphasize and prioritize on good personalities, no toxicity will be tolerated

Main priority and vision for the players we wish to join our group is: quality > quantity

-Organized raids will also be a thing, Abyssal dg’s/guardians etc.
-Ranked PvP (on the side cuz fun :smile: )

Does any of this resonate with you? feel free to apply via the in game menu or send me (LeReapy) or (Strandbal) a friend request and whisper in game!

General rules:

-No toxicity
-Be patient
-Be helpful to each other! (lift people up instead of putting them down)
-Discord required