[EU Central - Thirain] gvg recruitment

Guild name: Light - Lv 19
Server: Thirain
Language: English
Aim: Now recruiting only for GvG

Light is recruiting members for GvG island siege!
We have recently decided that we want to go a bit more hardcore when it comes to GvG and are moving to slime.

Our GvG team already has a strong core of guild 10 static members, so we are aiming at filling in the last few slots we have left.

Specifically we are looking for ( 6 ) players of the following classes:

-Or a very good player of a none requested class, depending on how many applicants we get.

Applicants must either have: PvP build ready or are willing to make one.

What can we offer you?

-Guaranteed weekly gold
-A very close and friendly community
-An already established working PvE system where we could place you in a static raid group
-Active discord, with people willing to do Daily content with you.

If you’re interested please DM me through the forums, or any recruitment officer through discord: Type#1503 | Kosmik#6870 or Xveno#8559