[EU Central - Thirain] | Shangri La | Level 6 | Recruiting

Welcome to Shangri La!

Name : Shangri La
Server : EU - Thirain
Language : English
Level : 6
Age : 18+ or if you where there, 3000 years ago!
Members : 31/40

We’re a guild that aims to create an Eden for the people that wishes to play Lost Ark.

:pushpin: What do we mean by that?

This guild was created as an option for those who want to take their time before focusing on endgame and advancement.
We want to make sure that there is at least a few communities out there where you can take your time and have the freedom to focus on what you enjoy doing the most.
Advancement in the game only matters if you had fun doing so.

:pushpin:What are our objectives?

-To become the number 1 guild on the serv… NAHHHH just kidding. We are definitely not interested by rankings lol
-To help each others at becoming better at the game and understand how all the systems work.
-To do dungeons and raids with the people that wishes to do so. You are not expected to know the strat of a boss day1 through consulting guides. We feel that you have the right to discover a content for the first time without being spoiled.
-More than a guild, to build a community where we can have fun together even if not related to the game.

:pushpin:The requirements?

-To be 18 years old or more.
-To be active in a weekly manner.(except if you have irl obligations like vacations for example).
-To participate to the life of the guild through interacting with other members on discord.
-To be respectful and inclusive.

That’s basically it!

Let’s share all together some epic adventures! LOST ARK HYPE!!!

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