EU Central - Thirian <[Guildless Gang]> Recruiting

Guild Name : Guildless Gang
Region: EU
Server : Thirian
Language : English
Focus: PvE and Social

:bust_in_silhouette: Who are we? :bust_in_silhouette:
We are a friends who’ve played games over the years. Mostly WoW but now we’ve started our Lost Ark adventure. I wouldn’t call us hardcore but we do enjoy clearing the hardest content available in a game. That is also our goal with Lost Ark.

:eyes: Who are we looking for? :eyes:
We’re looking for more social players who likes to play on a semi-hardcore level while having a blast with guildmates!

:no_pedestrians: Requirements: :no_pedestrians:

  1. Speak English (And have a microphone)
  2. 18+
  3. Willing to help your fellow guildmates (Share guides, give tips and trix and so on…)
  4. Item Level 450+
  5. Be active

If you find us intriguing and want to sign up to the guild go to the discord linked bellow or send me/Our GM a message: