[EU Central - Trixion] Merciful , a brand new semi-hardcore guild

is now recruiting!
Region: Central Europe
Server: Trixion
Discord: <Merciful>

*** We offer :**
-Weekly Abyssal Dungeons
-Daily Chaos Dungeons
-Daily Guardian Raids
-Daily Alt runs, boosts ect.
-PvP Arena

*** Why ?**
Good question!
-We’re offering a safe, cozy place for New and Veteran adventurers in Lost Ark
-Leaders with years of MMORPG experience.
-Future guild events

*** GOALS**
Short term!
-Build a community that will progress towards end-game content, with a steady pace.
-Our main focus is to build a community that will be drama free, where everyone is threated as a member, and most importantly with respect.
-Have a main roster of people, who will run multiple boss runs, dungeons on a daily basis with a big emphasis is on having more than 3 alts.
Long term goals
-Become a Tier3+ guild, with all members being equal or better gear.
-Clear all endgame content there is.
-Have a competitive roster of people who will put their focus on clearing freshly released endgame raids.

Minimum requirements to join:
-At least 18 years old
-Level 50
-400+ Ilvl
-Daily Guild Contribution to faster the progress of the Guild.
-Working mic when doing group stuff.
No drama *People who are found to be toxic towards the community will be removed without hesitation