[EU Central][Asta] - Join the Strongokan Dojo - a real McDojo

Join the Strongokan Dojo!
Led by the illustrious “Schwarzgurt” (he is german after all) Strongokan Dojo is a real McDojo, open for all real Martial Artists.
In usual McDojo Fashion, Schwarzgurt only cares about you paying your daily membership fees and leaves everything in management to his senior students. He will randomly bless you with cheap advice and show off his doubtful skills, while misquoting actual Masters.

Strongokan Dojo is open for all languages, Schwarzgurt rarely talks to his students anyway, as long as they pay membership fees and support the current Dojo expansion projects.

Don’t ask what your Dojo can do for you, ask what you can do for your Dojo is our mantra.

See you in class rookie!