EU deserve a real compensation, and not all of the regions while we're still the only one that can NOT currently play

Another weekend gone with broken Aura, shop and dungeons matchmaking while US is enjoying the game with no issues since the game started. And I bet this horrible situation will last for several other days.

AGS is silent, no official news, no twitters, nothing. “We opened other servers, now it’s up to you, GG”. This is the WORST way to manage a problem. We are having VERY IMPACTING ISSUES that are stopping us from enjoying the game like other regions are actually doing.
I’m sure if the problem was in US the world would collapse.

We need AGS to ACTIVELY work the issue, pump matchmaking/shop server up and report every single update. And then EU, and ONLY EU, DESERVE a proper compesantion.
Otherwise, if US wants free stuff too, tune their server down as well and replicate the issues we have. It makes no sense at all looking at a happy streamer opening free packs after few minutes they have been released, while here we neither received them after more than 24hours.

I bet the servers hosting in the US are brand new state of the art servers… their EU counterparts are probably made from old soviet computers seized after the cold war. 0 investment to their biggest player base… Great job AGS.

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