[EU - Kadan] DISASTER /PvX - International

Guild name: Disaster
Server: Kadan
Language: mainly English [members from GER/ENG/TR/GR]
Population for Lost Ark: 200+

Who are we?

Disaster has been founded in Archage 9 years ago, adopting the TRYHARD PVP playstyle - and then dominated the entire MENA server on Black Desert Online. We then started our New World career, holding all of the territories in Europe’s largest New World server, making a name for ourselves in the world of MMORPGs written in golden letters. We are an INTERNATIONAL MMORPG community that dominates every game we play, with our amazing leaders and professional esports players, 500+ Turkish and 300+ International players.

Our Goals

To control the Arkasia by making rapid progress as a Guild, thanks to our players who have been following since the alpha period and who have played in almost all beta stages, mastering the end game content of Lost Ark.

Our offer for you

Disaster is a community that enjoys all aspects of every game. It is always our ambition to win and we know how to compete at the very highest level - you will feel the difference when playing with us alongside our professional players.

  • Chance to participate in GVG and GVE events
  • A chance to play with the best shotcallers in MMORPG history at Open World events
  • Chance to form your own teams for Arena and PVE
  • Chance to meet those who play the game at professional level
  • Active chat environment with 500+ people on Discord
  • The right to participate in sweepstakes on Discord
  • A chance to play with Turkey’s leading MMORPG players

What we expect from you

First of all, we expect you to enjoy the game you are playing and to be active in the discord server. This place is so beautiful, come too

  • Mandatory participation, especially in Open World PVP events.
  • Not to fall behind too much in character development.
  • Participate as much as possible in daily guild activities
  • Never use the word fail, enjoy success!
  • Enjoying the game
  • Avoiding aggressive and toxic conversations in voice communication channels.
  • Don’t be stubborn, we have an excellent environment and we will dominate here :wink:
    Come be with us!

For participation and application join our discord:
Disaster Discord





What a nice guild ^^