[EU - Kadan] Drunk Dragons

Guild Name: Drunk Dragons
Server: Kadan - EU
Language: English

We are a international community formed on the backs of various MMOs(NW/BDO/AA/AoC/darkfall, etc)
Old bunch of gamers(30+ ) that are looking to progress in lost ark content, present and future.
We have ~10 active members at various points of progression.(most of us are in t3)
Level 3 guild, always researching and upgrading.
Atm preping for Argos raid.

We are looking for people who:
Are mature, but can also laugh at a fart joke from time to time.(spectrum has to be dad jokes - fart jokes)
Willing to help others members with knowledge and understand that progressing with friends is more fun than rushing content.(static groups)
Being active with guild progression, daily silver donation + basic research aid
Willing to learn content either by trial and error or by watching guides, can accept his or teammates mistakes.

Guild Req:
802+ ilvl
We need DPS and Supports. (atm we are looking for 1 active support main for Argos static group)

Guild rules:
Don’t be a CU*T.
Contact Ghecko#1394 on discord or search for DrunkDragons in Guild finder ingame.

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Are you still recruiting? Chad dad teabagger here. I mean gunlancer main… not far off T3