[EU-KADAN] PvX looking for experience raiders to form an 8 man static for future legion raids and current content at 1.3k+

Guild Name: Gigachads | PvX
Region: EU
Language: English
Server: Kadan

We are looking to form an 8 (and later 16) man static to tackle the legion raids on release and after stick to a 3 day weekly raiding schedule. We are a mix of WoW top 50 mythic raiders and Savage FFXIV blind raiders, looking to maintain and form a chill atmosphere while try harding for all the new content this game has to offer both PvE and PvP.

We are looking for people that:

  • are above the age of 18
  • have some sort of previous raiding experience in any MMORPGs or/and high end experience in any ARPGs or Lost Ark Korea/Russia legion raid exp.
  • are open minded and willing to learn mechanics with patience while keeping a flame/rage free atmosphere especially towards the other members.

We want to enjoy this amazing game together, gear up, PvP, help each other etc. while maintaining a semi-hardcore to hardcore mentality, but first and foremost have fun. We also offer a level 2 guild shop and a roster of people that are 1.3k+.

Atm we are looking for supports/sorc/zerker/gunlancer but any class will be taken into consideration based on your exp.
For more information please DM me on discord: Clownsexual#2365