EU Kadan Support main lf static Team

Hello im lf a static team for semi hardcore raiding. i have done all raids so fare week 1 on hard im 27 years from denmark, i use discord and talk english.
the only down side is my is my raiding times since i work as a cook so my days i can play differ week to week. if you have any questions or wanna have a chat feel free to add me on discord. discord: qendox#7204

my current rooster:
Bard: 1534 5 engravings lvl 7 gems
Bard2:1462 5 engravings lvl 7 gems
Bard3:1482 5 engravings lvl 7 gems
Paladin: 1505 4 engravings lvl 5 gems
soulfist:1492 5 engravings lvl 5/7gems

my rooster when artist comes out will change.
main artist:(saved tons of mats)