EU Maintenance Time

Don’t wanna talk about Founder Pack privileges or F2P players! Thats another discussion for another Thread and in the future it’s not relevant anymore.

But for the Maintenance Time for the EU, it’s permanent afaik and thats the real issue.
The Maintenance Time for EU is really really really unsuitable/bad!!!
Thats all i wanted to say.

If somebody else wants to add something to it, i hope you will add feedback/arguments for the maintenance time issue(the real issue i think) and write about the Founder Pack/F2P issue(that i also understand!) in another thread, so that the Devs are really seeing the issue which would be permanent. Thx

Moving this thread from the German to the English Game Feedback category.

Where is the official maintenance time given?

Whilst I agree that this maintenance time sucks, I’m pretty sure this is just an emergency/hotfix downtime and isn’t going to be the permanent EU scheduled maintenance time.

If it IS going to be the scheduled maintenance time for the future, then yeah something needs to change.