EU Matchmaking NEEDS a fix

Try and queue from less populated places hubs like Castle Luterra (to go to Luterra fast, just do song of escape from your Stronghold)

Seemed like it helped for me since Vern castle is extremely populated during rush hours. just go to other cities and try, it seemed like it worked for me or I was just lucky.

Im queing from Yorn atm and still having problems…Been trying to do some instances from 2pm its now 00:16am and still cant…i might just go cry myself to sleep lol

I like how na gets compisated for a game braking bug on a quest line making it soo they cant advance soo We eu foke not being able to matchmake etc is not a game breaking bug then stoping us from advancing? I legit spent over 1hr trying to get in to one guardian raid sense my bar is almost full for not being able to do them this is stupid

I finally managed to get into an abyssal and the game decided to throw me out with a region error and lost my weekly run. Same for guardian loaded in went to zip line down and game kicked me back to town but still took a soul harvest. Whats going on in EU is pitiful.

Regional server overloaded problems

This is something that is related to the ongoing stability issues surrounding EU servers. The teams are making an effort to both mitigate that and to look for a solid fix.

At least try to get the teams to tell you when that fix will be approx? Ty! Currently there is no real reason to play this game if you are not able to do group content on prime time when everyone is playing. Thank you for your activity!

Making an effort to look for a fix…So does this mean that you have no fix and that you are still trying to find one? Its been 5 days that we have to play in this state,when you cant do 70% of the content after waiting in a queue for 4h im telling you its far from a good experience.And its such a shame that one of the best games ive played in a long time is getting screwed by the server stability that amazon provides.Get it together plz EU cant enjoy this great game in this state.

Is not even group content, solo chaos, tower and so on is unplayable, feels like you have half the game only

I know it’s not on you but could you maybe try to convince whoever makes the decisions at AGS to give up their resistance to even consider anything the community tells you?
You were told beforehand the servers wouldn’t be enough, you ignored that.

You were then told people wouldn’t migrate to the new servers without proper incentive and compensation.
(Giving everyone a second founder’s pack doesn’t help much because people moving will still lose out on one set while everyone staying has two. People have been no-lifing since release, taking vacation days and putting in a lot of hours to reach T2 already and now they are supposed to start over from scratch, no twitch drops, no nothing?)

You ignored that as well.
Now with each day you refuse to do the obvious and bare minimum (give everyone joining EU West all the Twitch drops and a free power pass to Verne from the start) people are progressing more and more (mostly side content since the dungeon servers are f@cked, but that’s still time put into the roster), making it ever less likely they will swap servers.

It is so frustrating seeing you ignore the obvious issues and talking about ‘stability issues’ when that’s just code for hillariously over crowded servers.
Is AGS’ solution to this issue really hoping people will get so ded up they’ll leave their mains behind and start from scratch on west? I’d wager it’s more likely they’ll just quite LOA alltogether…


The main point here is that they don’t even have a fix. There is little they can possible do.

The reason they are giving that standard answers is because they hope that the problem will solve by itself with people moving to the new region.

But it seems like that so far the players that moved were not enough

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Didn t try but is pvp also impacted ?

There is some delay when clicking on sign up board and then again when trying to enter the matchmaking queue. In arenas it seems to be working fine so far. Mind you I am lvl 39 and queue from the smaller town not the endgame one.

There is also a dev known bug which resets mmr and win count. Happened to me yesterday, did not check if it’s resolved.

Thank you for the info. Will try if i can.

^This 200%

well maybe for a quick fix extend the “ready” timer? it seems the query timed out because of the to short timer

A solid fix would be a level 50 powerpass for the new servers to give people incentive to move .

You are giving NOTHING of importance to help people move .


The funny thing is if you refund the dlc from Steam and make a new account and buy it again on the new region, it will actually be better than what they are offering so far…which is hilarious if you ask me

The longer they wait with the potential free powerpass to incentivize people, the higher itemlevel the powerpass will need to be. Currently I am happy with a north vern powerpass, I will be playing non-stop over this weekend and then a T2 powerpass will be enough to convince me to migrate to EUW. I’ve leveled in RU since november, now on EU central and am really not going through furiously spamming G and left click, watching unskippable cutscenes and having 15-20 hours of my life wasted again.


The fact is none talk that WE HAVE A BOOST SYSTEM FOR IL
It s just Soo easyy:

I have a T2 character? Perfect u have a free knowledge transfer till yorn into ur stronghold. Not that hard. I would 100% move if they gave me only one boost.

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