EU needs compensation too

Since the launch of the European servers, it has been totally impossible to play without having to wait for thousands of queued players.

Worst of all, when you can get into the game, you can’t do anything either because matchmaking doesn’t work, so no dungeons, no raids, no guardians, absolutely nothing.

I have read that the compensation to Galatur has been because they have not been able to play because of a bug, which I think it is right that they are rewarded, but in Europe, we still can not play, the maintenance hours are horrible and daily, and we do not receive compensation of any kind and, worst of all, absolutely nothing has been solved since the start of the game.

I try to be as respectful as possible, I know there are decisions that don’t depend on the community managers, but I had to express the discomfort I feel when I see this kind of things.

I think Europe should be compensated as well. It’s already 10 days without being able to play.


Fully agree here. When queues don’t bother me that much cuz I simply log in at the morning, play a while, and then hide my game when working on a PC. The not working matchmaking bother me a lot, I can’t play with my friend, grind my eq, or do weekly quest.