[EU] [Procyon] [PvX] ~ Alpha Legacy | Join us!

Guild Name: Alpha Legacy
Guild Level: 4 (95% towards lvl 5)
Region: Europe Central
Language: English
Server: Procyon

Greetings Arkesians!
Our main goal in Lost Ark is to have fun. We are a pretty chill guild playing both PvE and PvP. We are kind of new so our member count is currently at 17. We are active in daily basis and people are forming raiding/dungeon groups every day. We welcome anyone that is friendly and mature. Being active and willing to always improve is also a requirement. We already have a discord server set up and a lot of ideas for events and activities that can be done within our guild!


  • Love the game! We are all here to have fun!
  • Being active, helping the guild by aiding researches and donating.
  • Being 50 level.
  • Want to improve and learn.
  • Knowledge of English
  • Being active on discord and joining voice chats if and when necessary.

Although our guild roster currently consists of people that are aged 18+ we are not against recruiting younger fellow adventurers. We believe that everyone should have the chance to join our community and be a part of us if they are mature enough.

If you would like to join us feel free to contact me directly on Discord: Destiny#0027
or in game (IGN: Crymaker).