[EU] [Procyon] [PvX] ~ Alpha Legacy | Recruiting new players

Guild Name: Alpha Legacy
Guild Level: 3
Region: Europe Central
Language: English
Server: Procyon

Greetings Arkesians!
Our main goal in Lost Ark is to have fun. We are a pretty chill guild playing both PvE and PvP.
Our current member count is at 20. Most of us are already in T3 with ilvls that exceed 1350.
Having achieved that, many of us have no choice but slowly progress a little each day.
With that in mind, we would like to invite newer players in our community. We would love to welcome players that just hit level 50 and are working their way throw the lower tiers of the game. We understand the many struggles newer players might face and we would like to make their life a little easier by assisting and teaching them while they are on their journey towards T3.
If you are a new Arkesian and you’re looking for a community that is going to help you and answer your questions about the game, feel free to contact me directly on Discord: Destiny#0027
or in game (IGN: Crymaker) .