EU Queue times are a joke

Been 3 hours and still 11K in the queue



Yeah and it is not going to get better… get used to it and hope a lot of people leave for elden ring.

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Nothing changed :pensive:

Dude, i joined the queue 6-7 hours ago, it was a 12K queue, now im 950.

Usually in 4-6 hours (1-3 am) most players go to sleep, maybe sooner because its Sudnay.

eu west has no queues join there

If it wasnt for all the cash i spent on EUC i would have

I have Plat/Gold and even Vanquisher packs on Trixion EUC with over 130 hours played.
Stronghold at lev 17, im at 80% of all the collection stuff through the first 4 maps

Tell me where the incentive is to switch servers coz im not going to get anything back


I also bought the Founder Packs and got most of it back in EUW. All the stuff I cared for at least, skin & cerberus

I see your point, but queues in Euc arent going anywhere anytime soon, and we have a really good time on Moonkeep. Its just a good feeling being able to log in whenever you feel like and can instantly play

I also had quite some time on Thirain but again… I catched up in 2 days on West. I no-lifed the game in these 2d though xD

Oh no problem - at any given time, just ensure my entire account is copied without a hitch and I’ll happily join you.

Not moving with 700+ Mokokos already found.

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I know a lot of people been going on about the dungeons etc, that personally hasnt bothered me coz it meant i focused on other thing like the grindy stuff till they fix that issue.

collect seeds, rapport, stronghold, crafting, menial tasks… not being effected by a lot of the other issues and its not like i wouldnt do them being the completionist i am

Carefull bro, they’ll just flag and report your account and messages for spam when you make topics like these. (Had a 7 day forum ban due to complaining about Q times).

The queues are pain. I just wake up early and play in Thirain before going to work. In the evening no chance to log-in so then I play an alt in Moonkeep instead. Eventually the queues and stability of EU-Central will improve when enough players play less or quit. Gotta be patient.

Yeah, i’d give it another ~10-14 days before EU central calms down a bit.

I was 600 in Q 1 hour ago, now still 500 … , its going even worse than last week.

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Yeah, its weird, 1 hour later i went from 900-1000 to 780, its getting much slower.

From 10-100 per tick to 1-10 per tick

Oh i got you all beat. 12:00 log in, number 14k in queue. It is 23:00 now and i am 782. That’s 11 hours of waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

And then now :
"We will be performing maintenance on the Europe Central Servers today at UTC 11 PM/00AM CET and expect the maintenance to last approximately 2 hours.

Thank you very much for your patience."



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omfg its going to take me till then to even get in the game in the first place

Queuing up between 1pm and 11pm is useless during the weekend sadly. Join the 1am midnight gang!

feeling sad , was 17k at 1:30pm , got to 306 at 5:45pm then my exe crashed.
normally you get a curtesy -10-15 min to get back to where you was …

i returned and this didnt happen , putting me back at 12,9k

ive been sat from 6 til now and still not in with a 8k que

i have wasted the whole day . trying to play this… im ashamed to of spent money here
and even more ashamed for the game creators who thought taking on amazon was a good idea

great start as usual

guess ill be in que overall 11 hrs from the looks of things… this is actually disgusting the fact im still here waiting like a …