[EU / Sceptrum] United We Stand ~ Casual /semi hardcore social 18+ guild

United We Stand
Gaming Community

Region: EU Central
Server: Sceptrum
Language: English

We’ve been a gaming community since 2003 and are well known for our Escape From Tarkov, Division and Battlefield communities!

Now coming to Lost Ark!

:large_orange_diamond: What do we have to offer?

:small_blue_diamond: An active discord community that spreads over to a variety of games
:small_blue_diamond: Experienced people that will go out of their way to help each other
:small_blue_diamond: Weekly raid schedules including GoP, Oreha’s well, Argos and Valtan
:small_blue_diamond: GvG activities, both siege and Raid Match
:small_blue_diamond: 50/50 bloodstone distribution ( currently since a lot of research have been added)

:large_orange_diamond: What do we expect?

:small_blue_diamond: Being 18+
:small_blue_diamond: Being non toxic and helpful
:small_blue_diamond: Being active in game and discord
:small_blue_diamond: 1400+ iLvL
:small_blue_diamond: Weekly Guild v Guild Participation
:small_blue_diamond: weekly quests , daily research support and silver donations (gold donations are optional)
:small_blue_diamond: Daily lives goes first, just notify for long inactivity

Discord | Website
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