Eu server 500ms ping

I think we soon start to hate amazon. Guys my internet connection is good. showing on all eu servers for me ping less then 80. But in your game. We got 20 eu servers on which we cant even check ping. I created character on eu server. And my ping is 400+ ms thx allot. Some people used founders pack on servers whit terrible ping for them. I don’t wont to do same mistake. So i haw to create random character on each server now. Spend 20 min whit all thous loading screens and cutscens just to see if this server good for me or no. Thx amazon you just spiting in the faces of your players well done. Thx for “letting us now “ which server is best for us technically.

I Checked now 5 server and ping is 700:DDD EU Servers well done… lowest was 350+ ms and yea i am checking early morning wen all servers showing status good.

It’s a new company, give them some time :rofl:

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