EU server maintenance times - poor customer service

Why can’t EU server maintenance times take into consideration EU time zone being vastly different than USA times?

All very well doing maintenance at midnight in the USA, but this is terrible for the EU players as it is morning for us.

New World took a while to take the time zones into consideration due to exactly this problem, so AGS has done this before.

So why not change the maintenance times for the EU to be more considerate of your player base there?


heemmm at midnight there are more player than 8am

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Yeah, I think the time should be between 4-6 in the morning. I have no idea how the data looks but im sure around 4-6 maybe even 4-7 has the lowest amount of players

yeah 4-7 should be the best time

Isn’t there more players at midnight due them queuing for hours to actually get on?

nope from 6 to 12 gmt+1 is besti timing

I say do it at 18.00 thats a great time, come one, most people are at work now, if they were taking the server down at 01.00 it would be drama, if it were at 06.00 its drama, now its 09.00 and its drama, when will this sjit end GOSH…

No matter what time it will be inconvenient for some, deal with and move on, like so many of us do, and enjoy the time you actually get too play.

This is about as perfect timing as you can have. The time of day with the lowest player numbers in EU.

The fact that they, within a week, responded to the negative feedback and changed their schedules to accomodate a growing european playerbase is actually really nice.


I think its more then just the downtime. Because many have to wait to get in even during the day. Personaly I have waited 8 hours to get in when I started to queue mid day 12.00. This would not be such a big problem if you could actually get in whenever it fits their time scheduel.

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I have waited many many hours my self, but i also have played many hours, i just put it in que, and do something else while it is there, yeah sure i would like that i can just press play, and be in the game a min later, but i cannot change what it is, i just work around the way it is now, and i know it will get better over time.

But yeah it may be easy for me, since im retired i do not have a young family anymore, or work to go to.

But yeah i do understand the frustration people have, when they come back from work, and press play and then they get a 6 hour que, and just know that in 5 hours they need to go to bed.

Anyway “my” server just went up and no que.

Yeah all servers are up now.