EU Server mess, and reasonable solution

Seriously AGS, we keep warning you about possible issues and you keep ignoring our advice, making a bad situation always worse.
I awcknowledge you are trying hard to rectify the problems with the EU Server issue, but it looks like whoever is in charge of AGS lacks both common sense and business expertise.
Today at 2PM, Thirain had a queue of 6k and going down very slowly as everyone tries to stay online before prime time.
Opening another Region did absolutely nothing…as expected.

Mind you we players told you that by not locking the Full Servers before the official launch of the 11 would cause EU Central Servers to have queues for a VERY long time.
But instead of delaying the EU P2P launch until the new Region was available, you decided that it was wise to pack 500k players on a Region who had already long queues before the official launch.

Now, as expected, no one wants to move from the Servers they are already playing, so we are stuck on long queues.
Many of us would move if AGS wasn’t so stingy with the EU players.
You gave EVERYONE an extra Pack, even to F2P players (for what exactly?), but gave to the (paying) EU players absolutely nothing as an apology for the inconvienience you created by not planning this launch properly.
And you can’t even give us a decent incentive to start on the new Region.

@Roxx since you seems to be a good and reasonable CM so far, can I ask you to deliver this message to your bosses who are sipping Prosecco on a yacth, waiting for this situation to go away (hoping it won’t end up like New World in the process).
There is one thing that AGS could do to try to address the EU Server issue:

‘Give a duplicate of every Founder pack Founder Players bought, valid only for EU West’

This not only would count as an official apology but also it would incentivate Player Founders to move to EU West, many won’t move anyway, put it will probably shift enough players to make EU Central queues more bearable.

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