EU Server status at peak hours

If you can’t stand waiting just replay the game again tbh. Think for long term. Waiting time might take longer than actual playing time. But you do you, I’m just raising awareness.

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a lot of people who play don’t read the forums. It may take more than 2 hours for people to catch on and make a decision.

I am playing an alt in Moonkeep. Unfortunately like most of the founders being held a hostage by paid items, friends and community so can’t relocate for real.

I would had Amazon made it such that all mailed items [founder pack, Twitch drops, etc.] were account wide… so I ain’t starting from scratch after spending €99 on the game with the Platinum pack.

How it’s done is so backward and archaic…

I understand being bound by what you paid for and unable to reclaim for different region sucks. But choose whatever is fun for you, it’s still a game after all despite all the business drama

Bought cosmetics should be account wide… at the very least.

They never were. it’s not a new game. it’s years old. All info is there and no one will change it.