EU Servers (again)

48 years old gamer. Played one or two games in my time.
Didn’t know about this game until reading about it on the Interweb. Yes I’m playing the free version (God knows how I would feel if I stumped up cash for this thing)!

Yes, the game’s not bad. Not bad at all. Good enough to get me signed into this forum to add to the plethora of complaints about the servers.

Good grief…NEVER have I seen such issues from such a large company with EXPERIENCE of launching big titles. Honestly, maintanace during the day? How can they NOT have down time during the LOCAL off-peak? 2am or such like?
If this was a small indie developer with a zero notice smash hit I could understand!

As everyone, I’m limited to gametime and YET AGAIN - - I’m not in. Is it worth my while?

Next time im in, I’m moving to the US where there clearly get a good service…

Edit: just seen that as well as stability improvements (WHICH I HAVE NOT HAD ONE CRASH YET) it’s important to take servers down to … ensure a skin works. Really…


I hear you. :slight_smile:
I am only 43 years old, but i feel 48… must be the waiting time on servers, turning my bones to dust, or perhaps the neverending seagulls.

I know what you mean but there is no EU based support from AGS so they seem to think they are applying patches during the night (which ofc they are in the US).

Oh and re the skin - people have paid actual money to have that so if they are doing maintenance anyway - no harm in including that fix.

The game has more players here in the EU but zero local support so yes its a big problem.

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Frustrating enough people into leaving is one way to solve the queue issues …

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It is frustrating but i would better accept 6-8am maintenance than 6pm as it was previously.

And no matter how big company is, they cannot do all without official game owner in Korea.

And for stability, you probably didnt get to end game where queuing for instance takes too long. and when you find one it laggs out giving errors. Trying to queue for game giving error. So stability fix is very much needed if they figured out how to do it

I don’t care where the company is or what timezone, if you open a zone in EU you have to put maintenance away from peak-hours. I’m for once free from work 8-13 so that I could enjoy the game some more and catch up. But now that’s wasted, all because they are too ignorant or plain out stupid to carry this out 03:00 like every successful mmorpg.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than New World that was absolute insanity, even more so since AWS recommends resellers and partners to have maintenence away from peak-times… but they fail to do so themselves, leaving a 700k playerbase hangning.

I really want this game to be a success since I’m really enjoying it, please don’t let bad management mess that up…

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What are you talking about? The only big release, that Amazon had, was NW. They got no experience…
And on the other hand, they don’t care. Amazon will not go bankrupt if NW or LA fails.
And honestly, all other studios, that i have seen, had downtime during the day… sometimes even at 6pm!
BTW, we had yesterday a lot of performance issues during cross-server content.

I rly don’t know why you are so upset. I payed money…

It’s clear that EU is being second class player base on so many aspects:

  • Lack of servers
  • Still no language labels on servers
  • Unreasonable maintenance times
  • More expensive prices of items than in US (for them 100€ equals 100$)
  • Lack of communication in EU hours (no European community manager)

And yet they still don’t realize that according to steam charts majority of their players come from this exact region which they don’t give a jack shit about.

At the moment they are working hard on “solution” that is gonna shorten queues on EU Central maybe for 5k on each server, opening a new “later to be” dead region like US West.

Skin: Fair point :slight_smile:

…and in that comment I’m feeling for ya!
I’ve just had a blast on another game and tried this again. Time for breakfast and then a bit of a flight on DCS.
I know companies won’t give a flying <<< about my little forum post, but just in case…