EU Servers languages

I would like to know (based on your experience so far, or based on any other info) are there specific servers that have one (or more) languages dominating the server and are spoken the most? I am hoping to get in an English speaking server.

Beatrice has had language wars, and a lot of spam. Went over to Sirius. There’s a little bit of it on Sirius every once in a while, but I see English people in chat interacting with each other, so it seems like a decently balanced server.

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Calvasus is Franco - Anglican 100 year war every 30 mins. Not fun. Don’t go there. I’m Irish stuck in the middle wishing they would all just be nice to each other. :+1:

Wei is a shitfest between spanish speakers and english speakers, enter with caution.

server Wei has alot of spanish people only writing in spanish. :frowning: