EU servers que time is toooo long

I love this game… but seriously… theese ques are getting out of hand. For players like me who works on the days and want to play when we get home. It’s impossible. between 15-22K que all the time. Takes like 3-5 hours just to get in… This needs to be fixed seriously…


So true …

19.35 UTC+1 Central Europe Server queue:

Neria 16658
Beatrice 9200
Inanna 5437
Kadan 16327
Trixion 21082
Calvasus 13913
Thirain 13812
Zinnervale 15553
Asta 17209
Wei 14001
Slen 11249
Spectrum 8469
Procyon 6771
Thaemine 5400
Sirius 10984
Antares 5844
Breslshhaza 5439
Nineveh 5774
Mokoko 10255


Where did you get these numbers ? Did you try each of them ?

Someone in the Discord did - yes ^^

ı think they dont wanna fix that.
they plan people boring and left game.
they just think money…
they taken perimium money and dont do anythink about game.
ı think they just think people borin and left and servers will clear after.

I have been saying that from the start… they will 2-3 servers but that is all.

Over 5 hours still not in the game.

I waited 13k que now Im stuck on 2.8k and not even moving guess thats it for me

its really insane the que time

So you were above 10k, isn t it ? Normally ratio is 2k per hour.

Yeah this is sick… First logged on after “short” 1500 Q, but my crystaline aura was missing. So I decided to relog thinking well that wasnt that bad. Now almost an hour in Q. TBH if this will persist I will go back to my old MMO which has one mega server (so I don’t have to worry about being able to play with my friends) and no Qs at all (maybe during biggest events and DLC launches). Shame, it’s a fun and relaxing game but the way its released is amateur and takes away all the fun.

Its a joke. 15k Queue on Thirain @ 1710 GMT and its going down about 5k per hour.
You cant release a game with this much content and expect the player base to start to lower quickly, most people have barely scratched the surface on the mechanics of the game.
Its not New World where you just hit 60 and then bored yourself to death.

But the bigger issue is also how can they address this, because lost ark doesnt have any server transfer background, having never being needed before.

And ofcourse alot of us who had founders packs are set where we choose because we are there with friends at various stages of the game.

Unless they come up with a very good way to move groups of people who want to stay together with as much of thier data as possible. and some compensation for what they cant move. (i.e guild levels)

they need to do this sooner rather than later because the further it goes after launch the more people loose out on these things that they are currently spending thier hard time investing in


They told us how they think they can address this.

They want to create a new Server Pool.

But who would go to a new Server Pool and make a fresh start there, when this means losing everything they already worked /played for.

Or do you want Amazon to decide who goes and who stays? The situation is already so far out of hand that there is no solution which suits.

They would have to provide such high incentives that the interest to swap regions is high enough but what would happen then. Everyone would switch when the incentive is too big and you could profit from it.

It is too little and too late at that stage. They miscalculated the hype big time and now they try to salvage what is salvageable or at least the trying too.

Will it work, I am in doubt. The Mods try to calm the storm but as long as the queues are in such bad state they will not be able to.

Its getting out of hand tbh. Came from work to deal with 10k+ queue. AGS please respect your players.
I wonder if they are waiting on ppl to give up on the game . It should fix the queue’s right?

Moi ce que je constate surtout et encore c’est que TOUS les joueurs ayant acheté et activé leur AURA CRISTALLINE se font VOLER LEUR TEMPS (ET DONC LEUR ARGENT) puisque le temps se décompte alors que nous ne pouvons toujours pas jouer !!!

Au voleur !!! :wink:

Agreed, since launch my ‘playtime’ of LA has consisted of 'Get home from work, boot up game, see massive queue number, leave that shit running and watch some movies, do some chores, play some other games. Check in every now and then to see I still have at least 2-3 hours left to queue judging by the rate the number is going down.
Pause to debate if it’s even worth trying to log in, as when I do, it’ll be time to log-off and get ready for bed anyway.
Decide to stay in queue anyway - because If i don’t my daily log-in reward bonus will reset to zero and if I can just log-in, click the special button, then log out i’ll keep my bonus at least, even if I can’t play.
Continue to sit in queue - taking up a server spot even though I have no intention of playing now due to time constraints.
log in, get reward, log out sleep.

Do it all again the next day
So glad I have that Crystalline Aura ticking away in the background too.


Why do you guys constantly feel the need to make a new thread for this when there are literally dozens of others. Seriously it is getting out of hand.

Over 5 hours q every day. Then its impossible to joing dugeons due to matchmaking not working due to server lag. AGS not addressing any of these issues and performing multiple maintenances during peak times? They want this game to die like New World.